The ZooKeepers announce Melissa Godwin’s acceptance of her new role with Spartanburg High School. Although we are sad to see Melissa leave, we are extremely happy for her as she will be able to reunite with her family in South Carolina as well as take on a new adventure in her career at Spartanburg High.

Melissa served as the ZooKeepers’ General Manager for from the Fall of 2022 through the Summer of 2023. Before her acceptance of her new role with Spartanburg, she served as the Director of Game-Day Operations. Melissa had this to say about the transition:

“I am so thankful to have been a small part of the ZooKeepers’ Organization and the Asheboro community. It has been an absolute honor and I will cherish the memories made and the relationships built. I especially want to thank the Pugh family and appreciate them for their support of me!

My husband has made a career change and went back to work for the New York Yankees, an organization that we highly respect and are blessed to be apart of. With that move, it allows me to move back home to where most of our family live and has given us the opportunity to build our forever home. In addition, I am excited to be joining Spartanburg High School next year. I will be proud to be a VIKING and serve that community.

The Lord has abundantly blessed me with the ZooKeeper family and with my future job and I am beyond grateful. I believe in Korey Dunbar and know that he will take this organization to new heights and I will always be one of his biggest supporters! Let’s Go ZK baseball! 2024 is going to be a great season! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be apart of it!”