National media raves about ZooKeepers name change

The name change to the ZooKeepers for Asheboro’s Coastal Plain Legue team is the subject of a national podcast from Ballpark Hunter with the new name getting a big “thumbs up” from the podcasters.

Marc Viquez led the discusssion about the name change, which was released just hours after the official name change on Monday.

Ballpark Hunter is a podcast discussion on ballparks from the majors down to the amateurs.  It originates from Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded in 2009, originally with the idea that one man would be traveling the country with the goal of seeing as many sports stadiums as possible, while documenting the experience and sharing tips and recommendations. It was  soon found that by utilizing a community of stadium travelers, more ground and a greater coverage of the sports travel world would be accomplished.To date, Ballpark Hunter have reviewed more than 2,400 stadiums in 31 countries around the world. The organization has  nearly 50 writers who travel to games and prepare reviews.

The podcast states the team “went the full nine yards” with the change and the colors are “smart.”

At one point in the podcats, Viquez states, “We’ve seen a lot of logo changes and rebrands this year in the offseason. This is one that is a little bit different and pulls the community together. It makes sense.”

You can hear the complete podcast here:


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