College baseball is underway and the long-awaited sights and sounds we so dearly love are back in action. Every baseball fan has a favorite moment in the game and varies person to person, but when it occurs the reaction is the same: A tingling feeling that shoots through your body, the hair rising on the back of your neck, or a smile you can’t force your face to hide.

For some fans, they love the ceremonial first pitch as they watch the honorary person stand on the pitcher’s mound and attempt to throw a strike to the home team catcher. While others get that feeling when they see their favorite team lined up on the baselines, with their hat in their right hand placed over their heart, as the playing of our National Anthem occurs.

It could be simply the sound of the ball coming off of the sweet spot of the bat, the pitcher commanding the strike zone, or the catcher blocking a ball or back picking a runner. Maybe it’s when an infielder lays out for a ball to get the out or turns two off a great play, while others love watching an outfielder track a ball down to steal a run from the opposing team. Still, others cheer on players who execute aggressive baserunning and utilize their speed to turn one bag into two. Coaches, and parents, especially love a well-executed approach to the plate.

A favorite for many is that moment when they see a player hit a home run or make an exceptional play and intentionally point their finger up to God giving him the glory. Of course, for others, its simply the ever-changing walk out songs that fans quickly learn and sing along as batters step to the plate. Perhaps it is the contagious cheers coming from the stands as fans support their home team, or the many routines that players perform out of respect for their numerous superstitions. It is something different for everyone. The game of baseball provides so much; way beyond that day, season, or career.

For those of us that count down each year until our favorite team has Opening Day, one thing is for sure, the LOVE OF THE GAME bonds us all. With that being said, the ZK family would like to wish every team starting their season the best of luck! May you never take a day for granted, leave your best effort on that field and understand that this is the moment you have worked for, so “be where your feet are.” Make your teammates better for playing beside you and always understand that the game of baseball will never define you but how you play it will!

“Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.”

-Melissa Godwin