The ZooKeepers Family would like to say THANK YOU to Scott Emerson, the pitching Coach for the Oakland Athletics!

On Sunday, February 5th, 2023, Emerson spent several hours with coaches from local and surrounding communities discussing pitching techniques, strategies, drills and his philosophy at our ZK office.  This was a unique and exceptional experience for everyone involved. It is not often that a man with his caliber resume, would give his time so selflessly, especially since he is leaving for Spring Training Camp 4 days following. For those of us that know him personally, understand that this is simply who he is. Emo is passionate about helping anyone that wants to learn more about the “PROCESS” required to be successful in this game he has spent his entire life playing, coaching and loving.

Thank you Scott Emerson and BEST OF LUCK to you and the A’s this upcoming season! We look forward to joining with you on future endeavors.